Retrieve by Time Stamp with Enhanced REST API

Live Chat API in REST

ClickDesk doesn’t just help you make customers happy, we also aim to increase developer happiness with an open API. Our API for developers makes it easy to integrate our live chat functionality with your existing apps, control panel, database or website. We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our RESTful API to let you get chats or tickets by time stamp.

We offer our live chat API in JavaScript and REST. Our REST API is especially useful for pulling chats and tickets from your ClickDesk account and storing them in your own database.

Previously our REST API only offered the ability to get archives of live chats and tickets by customer email id. With the new update, you can also get chats and tickets by time stamp. We’ll be adding more extensive documentation soon, but for now here’s a quick cheat sheet:

1. Get chats by time stamp
REST Method: GET

2. Get tickets by time stamp
REST Method: GET

Parameters for both:

  • start_time – Start time period epoch time in milliseconds.
  • end_time – End time period epoch time in milliseconds.
  • offset – Starting point from where chats/tickets have to return. Default value is 0 (zero) if you haven’t specified any offset in URL.
  • page_size – How many chats/tickets should be returned per request. A maximum of 20 will be returned. If you don’t specify a page_size, 5 records will be returned per request.

Doing something extra special with our live chat API? Let us know! We love hearing from our customers.

PS. Are you looking to build automations between the apps you use on a daily basis? Remember that our live chat app is on Zapier.

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