Reach Higher as ClickDesk Integrates with HighRise CRM

ClickDesk is fast becoming known as the live chat agent to adopt; and one of the many reasons for its popularity, is its ability to integrate with online contact management software solutions. One such solution is HighRise.

HighRise is known for its user-friendly adoption techniques and when integrated into a service like ClickDesk, it offers customers the ability to track contacts, proposals, and follow ups. You can build your leads and grow your sales, all while offering efficient customer service.

Increase sales with live chat

As a stand alone option, HighRise delivers on plenty; when integrated with ClickDesk, it can become an even more powerful sales and leads grower. It offers the following plugin features:

  • Operators can add new notes and post-chat transcripts directly from their IM to their contacts list.
  • They can even add new leads directly from IM to their list, something that not every CRM allows.

  • They have the options of chatting or responding via Google talk
  • There is no installation of any kind of software; to begin, simply sign into your ClickDesk account, scroll down to the HighRise option and enter in your API token and HighRise URL.

Once the Highrise live chat plugin is active on your website, customers need to type in their email ID to initiate a live chat. Their information is automatically delivered to the operator’s IM, and once he clicks on it, he can access or update the customer’s profile.

Can the operator make notes during the duration of the conversation? You bet! That’s one of the most powerful features of this system – you enter in notes before you forget them. Chat transcripts and notes are saved, so your operators can access them during or after the conversation.

If you are a subscriber of ClickDesk and a small business owner or entrepreneur, then a solution like HighRise can make a big difference to how your business performs. For one, the ease of use ensures that anyone can use both ClickDesk and HighRise live chat integrations. A product like HighRise for example, can be enjoyed by those who prefer simple data solutions, as well as those more familiar with complex CRM tools.

For businesses with multiple operators and new clients, voice chat integrated with a CRM solution can help keep records straight and customer service staff on the roll.

Since its launch in 1999, HighRise has proved itself to be a leader in CRM solutions. Now, when combined with ClickDesk, it translates into a powerful tool that most business owners will want to check out.