Quick Profile Customization for Agents

We vote to make 2015 the year of the live support agent. Are you with us? We’ve enhanced our agent profiles feature so that your helpdesk agents can now change their avatars, names, nicknames and passwords directly from the ClickDesk agent dashboard. Previously only system administrators could change these profile details, but with this new enhancement agents can modify whichever profile details ClickDesk admins allow to be modified by that individual agent. If you set permissions to let an agent modify their profile pic, for example, they will then be able to choose from any of our cool agent avatars or upload a pic of their own, all with just a couple of clicks in the agent dashboard.


Setting Permissions for Agent Profile Customization

  1. Login to the ClickDesk admin panel with your admin credentials.
  2. Go to Agents and choose the desired agent.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab.
  4. Use the checkboxes to grant permission for the agent to change their profile pic, name, nickname and/or password. Only do this for agents you trust.


Once an admin has granted permission for an agent to modify their personal details, that particular agent is able to change their profile pic, name, nickname and password whenever required.

How to Modify Profile Details from the Agent Dashboard

  1. Login to ClickDesk as an agent.
  2. Select Agent Settings from the drop-down menu under your profile in the upper right.
  3. Change your personal details. To upload a profile pic, select ‘Change Avatar’, then scroll to the bottom of the available avatar illustrations and select ‘Upload’.
  4. Remember to Save Changes.

Thanks for joining us on the live chat journey to customer success. Questions? Comments? Drop us a line anytime.