Provide fanatic support with the new live chat conference

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

With this simple quote in mind, today we give you the power. The power to join your agents to a live chat with a visitor. Yes, the power to live chat conference with website visitor and other agents in your company.


live chat conference


ClickDesk is the only provider in the industry to offer this live chat conferencing feature.

5 reasons to conference your live chats

1. Escalate to level 2 agents in real-time without transferring the chat session.

2. Train your interns and new chat support executives with real-time chat queries.

3. Improve the quality of chats and efficiency of your team.

4. Get your support fanatic join the chat. Delight the live chat visitors to make them your brand evangelists.

5. In a conference, it’s not just the visitor’s queries that get answered. Your entire team learns from each new chat in conference.


Shortcut commands

join <nickname> – Invite an agent to the conference.

leave – Leave the conference.

leave <nickname> – Exit the agent from the conference.

leave all – End the conference.

bye – Leave the conference. Similar to leave.

private <message> – Private chat with the agents in the conference.


The owner (agent) of a chat can invite other agents across the company to join the current chat session with the visitor.

This feature is available in the PRO plan. View ClickDesk’s plans and pricing.