Promote your Social Media Profile using Live Chat on your Website

Most businesses are looking at ways to promote their business in social media sites. In order to be successful in that, the social media profiles have to be active with good number of members and fans. To build a strong social media profile for your business, you need to carefully plan the user generation and engagement methods in these social channels.
Promote Social Media Profiles
Recent studies reveal that in US alone, more than 80% of the people using a social network site have either promoted, evangelized, tweeted, read blog, reviewed, rated, liked or voted for at least one brand. And most of them gather friends opinions and user reviews from these social networking sites before they make a purchase decision. These are enough reasons for you to have a strong presence in social media sites like facebook, twitter or linkedin.


In earlier posts we discussed how a live chat tool in your website can increase the conversions and help in converting visitors to customers. Now let’s see how you can get more people interested in your service to actually follow you in your social profiles.

Here are few quick tips:

  • Always leave your social media links at the end of the chat.
  • Ask your visitors to ‘like’ your brand in facebook or ‘follow’ you in twitter to get special discounts and exclusive promo coupons.
  • Insert your social media links in the chat transcripts and email them to the one who live chats with you for pre-sale questions.
  • ClickDesk, our live help tool, comes with social toolbar integrated into it so that your visitors can directly follow you on your social network without the need to search.

Once you get the initial momentum, make sure that you interact with these customers regularly through the social networks and provide your website visitors instant support through the live help tool on your website.