Proactive Sound Alerts Customization

We know from experience that happy agents mean happy customers, and happy customers mean more productive agents, so ClickDesk is designed to give agents the best experience possible, helping them stay on top of web traffic with triggers and alerts. You’ve always been able to customize proactive triggers in ClickChat, such as wait time and URL (which page a visitor is browsing), but so far the option for sound alerts has only been to enable or disable the “Play Sound” option. We thought you could use a little more musical variety in your life, with different sounds attached to different triggers, so we’ve been busy adding a bunch of new sounds to the control panel. Now agents can pick the sound they want to hear when a trigger is activated. You can also pick no sound at all with the “No Sound” option, but we bet that once you hear the array of new sounds, you’ll have more than one favorite. Plus, using different sounds helps agents stay aware of web visitors and user behavior.



The new sounds are found under the Sound Alert drop-down menu. They include a range of sounds to fit your working environment. Pick a sound of your choice from the settings menu.

Different sounds can be added to different triggers. For example, you might want to hear the “Attention Seeker” sound when a new user browses your website, but the “Jungle Bells” sound when a user looks at your Pricing or Sign-Up page, or stays on a particular page for a certain amount of time. It’s up to you. We hope that by giving agents options such as sound selection, they will be able to stay on top of even more chats, reaching visitors when the visitors need it the most.
Don’t hesitate to let us know if there are other sounds you’d like to hear, or if you’ve found one particular sound to be particularly useful or just really cool.