Optimize Customer Service for Holiday E-Commerce Sales (Infographic)


This is the peak season for e-commerce businesses. Did you know that December 18th is now known as Free Shipping Day? Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed us by. Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are all about to happen.

I am sure that if you’re running your own e-commerce business, you’re well aware of the fact that one good campaign this month can add thousands of dollars to your revenue and one right shot can make you a winner! But there’s a common misconception that e-commerce success during the holiday shopping season is based solely around flashy discounts and advertisements.

What do customers really want during the holiday season, when malls are totally filled with people and online stores are dealing with bandwidth issues? Service. S-E-R-V-I-C-E.

Good customer service in the holiday season has the power not only to increase revenue but to leave a positive impression on a targeted audience. And that means that those shoppers will return, even after the holidays.

What’s the Best Way to Optimize Customer Service for Holiday e-Commerce Sales?

This is the number one question that almost all e-commerce stores are asking, so we at ClickDesk wanted to answer the question with a clear infographic. Our new infographic on optimizing customer service during the holiday shopping season is full of useful ideas that can make your e-commerce store more competitive and more successful.

Check it out below. And feel free to print it out, share it with your customer service department, and even share it with your customers so they know how much you care!


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