Optimize Conversions on your Landing Page with ClickDesk's Unbounce Integration

For a business, the need for a landing page might be to validate an idea, run a survey, create a mailing list, and so forth. The inherent idea always is to drive engagement. With ClickDesk’s Unbounce live chat integration; you’re able to do precisely that and take engagement to a whole new level.

Unbounce Live Chat

Unbounce is a great resource for building landing pages in absolutely no time with no HTML. You can also run simple A/B tests to achieve higher conversions and measure your campaign success with real-time marketing metrics.

With ClickDesk on your Unbounce landing page, you’re all set to engage visitors in real-time through multiple channels and convert them into raving customers.

What’s more?

  • No installation of any software or plugin required. Just copy and paste the live chat code
  • Know your visitors name, email, location, referral URL and other details directly on your IM. Engage with them in real time.
  • Visitors can call you from Browser, by using our free local access numbers in 40 countries.
  • Operators respond through Google talk on computer or mobile.

To know more about Unbounce chat integration and a guide to set it up, click here