Notice to discontinue Skype Integration

At ClickDesk we believe that chatting with your customers should be a simple and dependable affair. We’ve built our web chat panel with this principle in mind, and our customers love it. Along with the web chat panel, we have been able to support popular IM’s like Skype and Gtalk. Skype has been a popular option among business owners because it helps them integrate ClickDesk with their existing workflow.

ClickDesk discontinuing skype integration

However, Skype has some inherent issues. Skype messages have increasingly been unreliable, glitchy or delayed, and Skype’s decision to kill its Desktop API left developers scrambling.

Skype has since gone back on their decision to discontinue the API, but reliability unfortunately continues to suffer. We aim to give you the best messaging experience possible, so in response to your comments and feedback we will be discontinuing Skype for new users beginning on June 30th. All current users can continue to use Skype for live chats, but we will no longer be actively supporting Skype.

We’re working hard on a mobile app that will simplify the chat experience on mobile. The app is currently in testing.  To reiterate, you can continue using Skype in ClickDesk, but we will no longer be actively supporting this integration. We advise you to use caution, and to start exploring other options, as your chats might get dropped or you may not receive messages in a timely manner. Our goal is always to provide a seamless and dependable live chat system. Your success is our success!

Please feel to comment here or email us at if you have any questions.