New Vtiger Live Chat Integration

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Vtiger CRM. The seamless integration with the ClickDesk app is designed to improve ROI in your live chat sessions and your CRM sales and marketing campaigns. Once you activate the plugin, you can see contact details from the CRM during ClickDesk live support sessions, push new contacts, notes and transcripts into Vtiger, and more. Know where current customers stand with your company, and turn new web visitors into devoted customers.

Vtiger Live Chat Integration with ClickDesk

Vtiger is an extensive open source CRM for sales, marketing and support, and the new ClickDesk live chat integration lets you improve all of these essential areas of business growth. It’s a one-click growth hack and all you need to enable it is a ClickDesk live chat account and a Vtiger account.

Customer Info from Integrating Vtiger CRM with ClickDesk Live Chat

The integration supports a three-pronged approach to sustainable growth for online businesses. It’s growth hacking made simple:

  1. Lead Capture: Easily push new leads into the CRM following live chat sessions on your site or app. Add chat transcripts and custom notes so that everyone on your team can see a lead’s interactions with your live chat agents.
  2. Sales & Marketing: Push those new leads into Vtiger email marketing campaigns, then follow up in real time with ClickDesk. Take advantage of seamless information sharing between the two apps for complete customer information. Use voice and video chat to add the human touch that’s been directly correlated with increased sales and conversions.
  3. Retention: Get complete customer info pulled from the CRM so you’re never in the dark about where customers stand with your company. Answer their questions before they even ask them. Improve retention through enhanced customer service and build a business that feels personal and proactive. And don’t forget about ClickDesk’s offline helpdesk ticketing, it’s a super-easy way to manage your helpdesk.

Ready to integrate ClickDesk with Vtiger? Just follow the simple setup instructions on our Vtiger CRM Live Chat and Helpdesk Integration page. It only takes a few minutes to enable the integration. We hope that those few minutes will bring you years of success on your growth hacking journey.

PS. Ready for advanced marketing automation? Both Vtiger and ClickDesk are on Zapier, so the possibilities for automation are basically limitless!