New UI in Admin Panel

We’re excited to announce the beta release of a completely redesigned admin panel! Designed in response to customer feedback and extensive UX research, the slick new interface in the ClickDesk admin dashboard makes it easier to customize, analyze and improve your live chat support and help desk ticketing. In other words, it’s now even easier for you to do your job. Your system administrators are going to love the new layout. And when admins are happy, everybody’s happy.

New Admin Panel Dashboard

During the beta release, you can switch between the new UI and the old UI. Eventually we’ll be moving the new interface out of beta and into every account full-time, so check it out now and let us know your feedback. There are a ton of benefits to the redesign, including three key enhancements:

Intuitive Dashboard

We believe that design should be intuitive and seamless. The new dashboard UI is optimized for increased productivity, with direct access to essential setup pages for proactive rules and UI settings for your live chat widget, an account overview, and a bird’s eye view of recent chats and tickets.

New UI in Agent Panel ClickDesk

Easy Access

The new UI is built for faster access to administrative essentials. An expandable menu on the left sidebar gives you quick access to the ClickDesk feature set so you can quickly customize live chat features and chat widget styles, set up macros and automations, improve agent performance and dive into useful analytics.

Expandable Menu Icons in New ClickDesk UI

Consistent Layout

A core feature of the new interface is the consistent layout of every feature and setup page. This makes it easier to make modifications and meet business objectives. For example, the Agents overview now displays all of your live chat agent profiles, automatically snapped to a balanced grid. Quickly edit agent settings, enable voice or video chat for particular agents, and set permissions as needed.

Balanced Layout in New Live Chat UI for Admins

We hope that you–and your web visitors–love the increased speed and responsiveness that come with the new UI. It’s a perfect compliment to the recently enhanced live chat dashboard, which thousands of agents around the world use to improve customer happiness every hour of every day. Keep watching this blog for new dashboard updates and enhancements!