New Tile Chat Feature for Agent Multi-Tasking

We’re all about efficiency here at ClickDesk. Our new UI made it easier to provide fast responses and multi-channel help solutions, and the integrated mobile app lets you manage tickets, answer live chats, and organize your helpdesk team directly from a mobile device. Now we’re taken efficiency to the next level with a new feature called Tile Chat. When you enable Tile Chat in your ClickDesk agent account, the agent panel will automatically let you handle live chat sessions and help desk ticketing at the same time. While you’re answering tickets, a new chat will pop up in the agent panel. It’s that easy!

Tile Chat for Agent Multi-tasking

The new Tile Chat feature makes it easy for your agents to answer live chats while handling help desk tickets. If you aren’t taking advantage of ClickDesk’s awesome email help desk yet, you should be. It’s all about efficiency and customer happiness.

ClickDesk’s helpdesk feature set makes sure that customer concerns are never lost in the shuffle. You can create tickets from chat sessions and see. Companies with more extensive customer support needs often integrate ClickDesk with apps such Help Scout and Zendesk. Those integrations let you push new tickets into Zendesk and Help Scout, and you can even see customer info and ticket histories from those apps while answering chats from customers in ClickDesk.

The Tile Chat feature extends our customer support capabilities even further. Agents can multi-task efficiently, keeping customers and web visitors engaged at every moment.

How to Set Up Tile Chat

  1. Login as a ClickDesk agent
  2. Choose “Preferences” from the agent drop-down menu
  3. Open the “Advanced” tabAgent Preferences
  4. Under Chat Mode Settings, change “Chat Mode” to “Tile”
  5. Select the alignment for the incoming chats widget, either “Right” or “Left” (this is where the widget will pop up on your agent panel)

Tile Chat Options for Live Chat and Tickets

Now start multi-tasking. Go ahead and answer tickets from your customers — incoming chats will pop up on the side.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the new Tile Chat feature. Reach out on Google Plus or anywhere else.