Quickly Sort Your Web Visitors in Real Time

ClickDesk users do business in real time, all over the world. Since we introduced the popular filtering feature in the live chats map, which lets you filter web visitors in real time and see the results on the map as color-coded pins, we’ve had requests from many customers for a similar feature that would help sort visitors. We’re excited to share the new Sort Options feature in the List View, which lets you quickly group your current web visitors according to geographical location, browser, referring URL, chat status and more.



Sometimes the map view is the most effective tool for agents, but at other times – like when you have a huge influx of traffic all at once, or are trying to reach a particular segment of customers – the list view is super-handy. The new sorting options include name (the visitor’s name, if they’re a known customer or have entered their name in the chat widget form), email (ditto), from URL (the page they’re browsing on your site), referrer (the page that sent them to your site), location (country), department (sales, support, etc. – you can customize this) and status (engaged in a chat, idle, etc.). Just click on the section heading to sort, and click again to sort in the opposite direction.

Where is the List View?

  1. Login to ClickDesk as an agent (if you’re already logged in as an admin, just click the green ‘Login as Agent’ button on the upper right)
  2. Click on the globe icon (‘Website Visitors’) in the top menu bar
  3. You will now see your real-time web visitors
  4. Click on the ‘List View’ tab to open up a sortable list of your current web visitors
  5. You can now sort your web visitors by clicking on the section headings at the top of the list, or by selecting from the ‘Filters’ menu on the upper right

We are always working to provide you with an efficient and effective live chat experience. Questions or suggestions? Check our FAQs, then drop us a line anytime.