New Report: Chats by URL

Marketers take note! Is your new landing page making a difference to customer growth and retention? Are a majority of your chats coming from an unexpected page on your website? Our new report showing chats by URL will help you answer these questions and a whole lot more. The latest in our new flurry of awesome reporting features, the Chats by URL report lists top pages where your chats are coming in from, letting you make smarter business decisions to increase both profit and customer happiness; with online support, the two goals go hand-in-hand.


The new chats by URL report shows which pages chat were initiated on, how many total chats have been received on those pages, and what percentage of your total chats those numbers represent. The new report is yet another cool addition to the ‘Advanced Reports’ tab on the Reports & Spy┬ápage in your ClickDesk admin dashboard. For all of these advanced reports, you can filter by agent, department and date range. The chats by URL report also lets you filter by chat type, including ‘visitor initiated’, ‘proactive’, ‘offline’ and ‘missed’. We recommend starting with a view of ‘all’ chat types.

Chats by URL

While you’re thinking about URLs and how to improve your site or app, don’t forget to check out our dynamic range of plugins that help you seamlessly integrate every aspect of your online business.

PS. Here’s a helpful hint from your friends at ClickDesk HQ: If you’ve made changes to your site lately, or anytime since you’ve been a ClickDesk customer, try filtering by time frame to see if those changes made a difference to which pages have been receiving the most chats.