New: Monitor your live chat & agents’ performance

You have asked for it and here it comes. One of the additions to the new dashboard is the advanced reports section. The chat reports give you information about the chat duration, number of lines per chat and types of chat (user initiated, proactive, missed or offline) on a particular date or selected date range.


Live chat duration

What’s new?

The live chat reports can be shown as agent and department wise on a particular date or within a date range.


Live chat reports


The available reports for this duration are

  • Chat duration – This pie chart is divided into certain time durations and the total chats received in the date range selected are classified among these.

  • Chat lines – Similar to the chat duration graph, this also categorizes all the chats received into the total number of lines each chat conversation had.

  • Daily/Hourly/Weekly chat types (Initiated, Missed, Offline, Proactive)

Each section  graphically shows the above details in pie and bar graphs. The ability to choose a particular agent, department and date range gives you complete overview of the performance of both the agents and the live chat window on your website.


Chat lines

Initiated chats – These are the chats initiated by the visitor on your website by clicking on the chat bar.

Missed chats – The chats initiated by the visitor or proactive chats not being answered by any of the agents online, they get recorded as missed chats.

Offline messages – If there are no online agents, then ClickDesk chat window automatically turns offline. The daily chats reports shows the number of offline messages received in a day.

Proactive chats – These are auto pop up messages that appear to visitors on your website if the condition matches with the configured rules. Proactive chats work only when an agent is available online.

Daily chat reports


You can also download these graphs directly in the form of jpg, png or pdf for offline analysis. All these reports help you analyze the chat frequencies and agents’ performance.

How do you like this new chat reports? Write to support at if you have any questions.