New iContact Integration for Email Marketing

If you build it, they will click. Our new iContact integration is designed to help you get way more newsletter subscribers and develop a happy, engaged customer base. iContact is a streamlined email marketing tool with everything from autoresponders to social integration. The plugin seamlessly integrates live chat into those seamless email marketing campaigns so that you can converse directly with members of your email lists (while viewing their subscriber details), manage current subscribers, and subscribe web visitors to email newsletters and mailing lists directly from ClickDesk chat sessions.

iContact Live Chat Email Marketing Integration with ClickDesk

iContact is no stranger to the awesome powers of live chat. A really cool and highly effective feature of their software is that their support team offers one-on-one help in getting the most out of email marketing campaigns. And if you’re running high-converting email marketing campaigns with the help of iContact’s live support team, why not offer your customers the same level of helpful, productive support?

Subscribe Web Visitors to Email Lists From Live Chat Sessions

Integrating iContact doesn’t change anything about our live chat interface, it just adds enhanced functionality, including the ability to:

  • View real-time customer/subscriber info during chat sessions: When a website visitors enter their email addresses in the chat widget on your site, your live support agents will see their iContact subscriber details. The info is automatically pulled from iContact based on the email id.
  • Add chat visitors to mailing lists:  Chatting with a hot lead? Instantly subscribe them to an iContact mailing list with a simple command in the chat window. Running multiple campaigns that would suit your web visitor? No problem — add them to as many campaigns as you’d like.
  • Remove subscribers from mailing lists: You can also unsubscribe visitors from email lists in the same manner. Just enter a quick shortcut and you’re done! You can even start a helpdesk ticket to follow up with the customer who wanted to unsubscribe.

To install the iContact integration with ClickDesk live chat and helpdesk software, follow our setup guide for mailing list automation using your live chat account. It’s a quick and easy installation process.

We’re happy to be bringing our live chat and helpdesk customers such a powerful email marketing plugin! Drop us a line anytime with questions or comments.