New ‘Get Screenshot’ Button in Chat Window

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is this saying more true than when it comes to customer support. Since we introduced the visitor screenshots feature, our users have found it remarkably useful for solving customers issues quickly and efficiently, without any confusion. The feature was previously only available from the live chats map in the agent panel, but we’ve now made it even easier to see what your customers see. Now you can get a visitor screenshot directly from the chat window. 


Screenshots are still available from the Map View in the agent panel, but we hope that accessing visitor screenshots with the click of a button directly in the chat window will drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to make your visitors not only happy but devoted brand evangelists. In both places, the ‘Get Screenshot’ function currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and Opera browsers. If a visitor is using an incompatible browser, such as an older version of IE, you’ll receive a message that the browser is incompatible, but this is usually not a problem since browsers regularly remind users to update.

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