New dashboard, reports, eye catcher and a lot more!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our next version of ClickDesk software this week. The whole team at ClickDesk has worked so hard for months now to give you the best visitor engagement experience. We are super excited and confident that you’ll love what we did.

If you have not logged in to the ClickDesk online panel yet, you should check it out and try our new improvements.
As always, we would to love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Live Chat Dashboard

What’s new?


Eye-catcher for the live chat bar and transitions
The chat bar is now more exciting! We added few hundreds (yes, hundreds) of options for the eye catchers and live chat window customization. You can choose from various sizes, colors, themes, eye catchers to suit your website theme perfectly. You can also preview them as you play around.

Advanced reports
Wanted to know how long the chats lasted, the peak hours for the chats with some nice graphical (charts) representation? We got it all covered. We have added several reports to give you powerful insights into your chats and agents activity. You’ll love them.

Intuitive interface & navigation
We have enhanced the navigation in the online panel which allows you explore the full potential of the combo we offer – live chat, help desk and voice chat. We have tried to make it as intuitive as possible for our users to setup and change settings as needed.

7 days free trial
We also introduced a free 7 day trial period on all our paid plans so you always have the option to play around with our premium features risk-free.

We welcome you to try our new panel and pass on your feedback at

Got any questions? Please feel free to contact us at