New Chat Triggers and Proactive Rules

Smart automation is at the heart of effective marketing and customer service. When done right, automation provides a personalized experience for your customers and leads, helping them quickly find exactly what they’re looking for. Proactive chat rules have long been at the heart of chat automation in ClickDesk, letting customers set particular conditions for automatically popping up a chat window on a web visitor’s screen. We’re excited to announce that the rules have been developed to be even more extensive and customizable — so much more so, in fact, that we’ve given them a new name: Chat Triggers.

Triggers for Live Chat Widget Popups

Chat Triggers Setup

In the new admin user interface, you’ll find Chat Triggers under Settings in the Live Chat menu. From there you can create new chat triggers by customizing the proactive rules that define these triggers. Just name the chat trigger for easy reference, then set the frequency, conditions (for visitors who’ve been browsing your website for a particular amount of time, previously chatted with your agents, etc.), and details of the trigger (what to display or which action to perform, such as hiding or expanding the chat window). Before saving saving your new live chat trigger, remember to customize details such as which particular message to display (if you’ve chosen to display a message in the popup widget, make sure that it’s written to feel like a natural interaction), and whether to play a sound with the message.

Live Chat Triggers Setup

Growth Hacking with Offline Chat Triggers

Growth hacking happens 24/7 and our mission with ClickDesk is to help you grow your business around the clock. Enhanced chat triggers in ClickDesk now let you set proactive rules for periods when your helpdesk agents are offline as well as online. Offline chat triggers were previously not available, but now it’s super-easy to set up automated triggers for when your agents are offline. Just check “Enable proactive chat triggers when offline” and the trigger will activate whether or not your helpdesk team is online at the time.

Offline Chat Triggers

This feature is designed to help you gather visitor info such as name and email. We hope that the new chat triggers help you to never miss a lead or a possibility to increase customer happiness!


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