New Chat Notifications in Chrome

Our goal is for you never to miss a chat. While some ClickDesk users have a bunch of agents covering chats 24/7, many have only a small set of dedicated agents, and a number of those agents use Chrome (rather than an IM client) to manage live chats, voice and video chats, and helpdesk tickets. We’ve heard feedback from these agents – and from some users’ analytics departments – that they sometimes miss incoming chats because they’re browsing another tab (or a bunch of other tabs).¬†Thanks to our new chat notifications feature in the Google Chrome browser, this is no longer an issue.


The new system provides real-time alerts from within the browser.¬†When an agent is logged into the agent dashboard and their status is set to ‘online’, but they’re browsing on a different tab, we now provide an alert by flashing the dashboard tab when a new chat message comes in from a web visitor.

Chrome is the most used browser in the world, popular with consumers and developers alike, and the new Chrome OS is having a major impact too. Users who choose to create a native ClickDesk desktop app, thus avoiding the other-tabs-are-distracting-me problem altogether, will note that Chrome powers the app.

We hope that the new flashing-tab feature will help make agents even more productive. How’s it working for you? Drop us a line anytime.