New Agent Avatars Feature

Avatars are a remarkably easy way to give live chats a personal touch. In ClickDesk, avatars are especially important because our chat widget displays agent avatars within visitor conversations. To help live chat agents who haven’t been sure what to do about avatars or agent pictures, we’ve exponentially expanded our selection of agent avatars, and we’ve added a new avatar feature: the system now auto-selects agent avatars if an agent doesn’t choose one for themselves or upload a photo.


Any business that relies on proactive chats knows that web visitors are much more likely to respond to a proactive chat from an agent with a cool-looking avatar, and when  customer reach out to you first, an avatar can make them feel instantly at ease. At the end of the day, people want to communicate with people. Avatars help to bridge that gap.

While most of our users have taken advantage of avatars and use them quite actively, some have been avoiding avatars either because they don’t want to show their pictures publicly or aren’t sure which avatars to choose. Avoiding avatars is a bad idea. At worst, it can come off as unprofessional or mechanical to your web visitors, and your business can suffer by losing out on critical human aspects of communication – one of the easiest and most direct ways to build customer trust and brand loyalty.

For such users, ClickDesk has an answer. We’ve added a ton of cool new avatars to fit various agent personalities and brand identities, and we’ve made it easier than ever to match avatars with agents. If an avatar is not selected by the user when a new agent is created, the system now automatically assigns a unique avatar to the agent. Agents can change this avatar at any time by uploading a picture or choosing from our wide selection of contemporary avatars.

So go ahead, add a personal touch to your communication and express yourself with avatars. Your customers will thank you!

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