Missing Chats? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Nobody likes missed chats. When they pile up, your customers suffer and your business misses out. There are many reasons that a chat can fall by the wayside, so how are you supposed to know if you need to add more agents, make a technical change to your site or host, or do something else entirely to improve your answered-to-missed-chats ratio? To help you grow the smart way, we’ve enhanced the missed-chat functionality in ClickDesk to provide improved data and actionable insights for our valuable customers. We’re so excited about our new dynamic tracking of missed chats that we’ve given them their own report!

New Missed Chats Reports in ClickDesk

Our new Missed Chats report shows how many chats were missed, when they were missed, and why they were classified as missed. Current categories of missed chats include ‘System Timed Out’, ‘Closed by Agent’, ‘Closed by Visitor’, and ‘Agents Busy’ (ie. if your agents were logged in but otherwise engaged, having reached the maximum simultaneous chats allowed). 

Looking for reports about live chat? You’ll find them on the ‘Reports & Spy’ page in your ClickDesk admin panel on the ‘Live Chat’ tab. You can filter by agent, department date range. It’s that easy!

PS. Want to help your agents handle multiple chats during peak hours? Check out chat queuing in ClickDesk.