Message Delivery Status

Sometimes a technical issue such as spotty internet disrupts a chat. If an agent has already sent a message to a web visitor but the message was never actually delivered because of a disconnected internet session or other technical issue, your customers might end up waiting for a message that will never be sent. We’ve solved this issue by enhancing┬áthe chat message delivery functionality in ClickDesk to include delivery status. When a message doesn’t get delivered because of a technical issue, the status is shown in the chat window and agents have the option to resend the message.


Message Delivery Status FAQs:

Is this automatic?

Yes. Your agents will automatically now receive delivery status notifications.

Can I resend a message when I see that it wasn’t delivered?

Yep! Just click the message to resend it. It’s that simple. If the connection issues persist, it might be a good idea to shoot the customer an email explaining the situation.

I thought ClickDesk had a 99.5% uptime!

We do – it’s the best, most reliable uptime in the industry. When a message isn’t delivered, it’s usually a temporary technical issue with an agent’s or web visitor’s service provider, not an issue with the live chat software itself.

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