Maximum Wait Time for Queued Chats

Once you add live support widget to your website, there are busy times, there are calm times, and then there are really busy times. Our chat queuing feature makes it easy to handle even the busiest times on your site or app. To make the process even more streamlined, we’ve enhanced the feature to let you set a maximum wait time for queued web visitors. When the maximum wait time is reached, the customer’s queued chat is automatically disconnected. They can always start another chat.

Set Maximum Chat Wait Time in Queue

How to Set a Maximum Wait Time for Chat Queuing

  1. Login the your ClickDesk admin account.
  2. Under “Live Chat” in the menu bar, go to Settings > Queuing

    Setting Up Maximum Wait Time in Chat Queue
  3. Set the desired Maximum Wait Time. Note that the Wait Time is set in minutes, not in seconds.
  4. Remember to save your changes.
  5. If you’re new to chat queuing in ClickDesk, head to Forms & Localization > System Messages to set up your Queued Messages. These are the messages displayed to web visitors when they are placed in a queue or taken out of the queue (“dequeued”) and put into a chat with one of your agents.Queued Messages Setup
  6. All of your system messages can be set from this menu tab. Scroll down to see your Queued Messages.
  7. Check out the queued messages and customize as desired. We always recommend using %queue_count% in your Queued Message to keep customers informed about where they are in the queue. With the Wait Time feature this is even more highly recommended, so web visitors will know that it’s a highly busy time (for example, if they see that they’re number 40 in the queue, they won’t be surprised if they’re automatically disconnected).
  8. Again, remember to save your changes!

Congratulations, you’re all set up with chat queuing including maximum wait times. Thanks for joining us in the journey to improving customer happiness every day in every way :)