Localized Live Chat Can Help Your Business Grow

Being based in the United States and dealing primarily with English speaking clients, we often forget that English is native to only 30% of Internet users. There are thousands of companies which serve customers in a language that is not English and these businesses can use the same online marketing principles to grow their customer base.

We’ve seen in an earlier post, 5 Real Reasons Your Business Needs Voice Chat, how live and voice chat can be good customer service and sales enablers. This holds true no matter the country your business is conducted in or language your website is published in.

If you are an American company based in a foreign country, getting to know your customers is of paramount importance, and live chat can help you accomplish this quickly and efficiently.

Localizing Live Chat Helps Businesses Communicate Better

What are two key ways to reassure your customers of your honorable intensions, long-term vision and stability, and market value? Being there to speak to them when they need to talk to you, and communicating with them in a language they understand.

By including an instant messaging live chat option on your website, customers can always chat with your agents, ask for information, and clarify any business or delivery concerns they might have. Online messaging via live chat in your native language will help visitors remain comfortable in the knowledge the answers they seek are delivered by people who understand them.

One way to do this is to invest in a live chat service that you can set to different languages. At ClickDesk for example, you can localize your chat from English (which is the default language) to 14 languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Slovakian. This is important if you are a local based business in a country where English is not the primary spoken language.

Parlez-vous français ?

¿Habla usted español?

How to set up your live chat in a local language

Language Localization Setup

To set up your live chat in a local language, log on to your ClickDesk account and click on the Colors and User Interface tab. Scroll down to Online/Offline forms. On the right hand side, you will be able to ‘choose your language’. Your box templates which are localized include pre-chat form fields, chat transcript to visitors, validation and status messages, and offline form fields.

ClickDesk is currently offering excellent deals on all chat options, including free account set up and $1 for a 90 day trial period. Your local business can only benefit from this, so why not visit the site at www.clickdesk.com and try it out for yourself?

Do you use Live Chat to communicate with your customers? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email or leave us a reply in the box below.