Localize and Customize Your System Messages

With ClickDesk’s new System Messages Localization (SML) feature, we’re taking our international customers’ chat experience to the next levelĀ and helping you to grow your global business. Businesses around the world have loved our widget localization and in-chat translation features. But system messages weren’t yet customizable. With the new SML feature, you can customize system messages any way you’d like, and you can even change the default language for system messages to one of our 35+ supported languages.


System messages in ClickDesk fall into two categories: messages for online visitors and messages for agents (including messages for other agents) when an event has taken place.

System messages are sent to visitors when their chats are unanswered or when their chat sessions get disconnected. Similarly, system messages for agents include messages when chats are assigned, transferred to other agents or when visitors have left the chat etc.

System messages were originally unalterable, but we’ve now created a feature that lets you customize them. You can also now set a different default language – from Arabic to Vietnamese – for all of the system messages.


System Messages Localization – Setup Guide

  1. Login to your ClickDesk admin account
  2. Go to Live Chat > Forms & Localization > System Messages Settings
  3. Choose a language from the drop-down menu on the upper right (default is ‘English’)
  4. Now go ahead and edit any of the System Messages you’d like
  5. Remember to save your changes by clicking ‘Update’. Your new messages will now deploy across your ClickDesk account

We’re always looking for ways to help you customize your ClickDesk account and create a seamless live support experience for your agents and web visitors. Looking to upgrade your account? Our discounted Team Pricing is a great way to brand the live chat experience to fit your business image.