Live Support Chat Etiquette and Tips

It is a proven fact that live chat in the website increases the conversion rate from visitors to customers. Businesses realized this and are implementing live chat solution in their websites to improve sales.

You took time to research, speak with the chat operators to choose a live support software for your website and finally signed up with ClickDesk. You even configured it and are waiting to capture your leads and make sales through live help.

Here are few chat etiquette tips that shall help you in closing the leadslive chat etiquette successfully.

Read, Wait, Ask and Answer

Interrupting the visitor while the other is still in the ‘typing..’ mode diverts the attention. Let the visitor complete his question before you try to answer. Wait and if the question is unclear ask for some additional information before you answer. There’s nothing more worse than replying with unrelated or uncertain answers in pre-sale chat.

Use shortcuts but not internet slang
Keyboard shortcuts save lot of time. Shortcuts are good to use when you handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously. Also, get some canned responses handy so that you need not type all the message over and over again with every visitor you interact with.

e.g: You can setup canned responses for keywords like /hi, /bye /thankyou /hold etc. and make sure that they display the message you intend. You can setup these shortcut messages in ClickDesk dashboard.

Do not use abbreviations in the messages you enter in live chat. But AYK, these are not just  time savers, they can be misunderstood or keeps the conversation away if visitor does not understand it.

Transfer chats to right person
If you are not sure of the answer for a particular question of the customer in live chat, do not try to confuse the person with wrong answers. Instead, hold it, research and if you still are unsure of what to respond with, transfer the chat to a co-worker or let them know that you shall followup through email at the earliest possible.

Be polite and professional
Though humor sells, it doesn’t convey right in all cases. Especially through live chat you have to be extremely careful in cracking a joke as you do not know what kind of person the other is or how it shall be treated. Avoid jokes and smileys.