Un, dos, tres – Introducing Agent Levels

Every time I sit down to write a blog post, be in a meeting to discuss the product roadmap or work on some marketing activity, my IM window suddenly pops up from nowhere with a website visitor’s chat alert. The only other choice I had till yesterday was to go offline on the IM or on the new web chat panel so our other support rockstars could take the chats. But we still missed out few important chats which needed to be transferred or if all other agents were fully engaged with the simultaneous chats.

Agent Level Live Chat

We ran a quick survey and realized it’s the same case with most of our larger business customers.  To effectively handle chats, we introduced ‘Agent Levels’ option to configure levels and prioritize the chat agents.


Configure Agents Level

Level 2 agents receive new chats only when Level 1 agents are fully engaged. Level 3 agents receive new chats if both Level1 & Level2 agents are fully engagement with their maximum simultaneous chat limits. If any agent (in any level) is online, ClickDesk appears online on the website for visitors to engage in multiple ways.

This feature is available only for our ‘enterprise plan’ customers. Please login to your dashboard and upgrade your plan to prioritize your agents.


How to add levels to your agents?

Agents Priority Levels

1. Signup & Login to your ClickDesk dashboard

2. Upgrade your account to enterprise plan, if you haven’t done yet.

3. Add an agent or “edit” existing agents by clicking on the blue “Agents” link on the top menu bar.

4. Choose the level of your choice from the drop down

5. Save


Got any questions? Please write to support@clickdesk.com for any assistance.