Enhanced File Sending in ClickDesk

Sometimes just chatting with customers or sending them links gets the job done, but in our increasingly interconnected world, there are times when the most useful and time-effective thing to do is to share files. ClickDesk has now made file transfer ridiculously easy with drag-and-drop file sending, directly in the chat window. The maximum file size is 5 MB, big enough to resolve customer issues and queries but small enough to keep things running super fast. Agents can share with web visitors, and vice versa.

File Sharing


File sharing in ClickDesk works two ways: to automatically share file with a customer, an agent just drags and drops a file into their web chat, and web visitors can share files with agents by just dragging and dropping a file into their chat window. It’s as simple as attaching a file to an email, but even faster and more direct. With file sharing, customers can explain their issues more clearly and agents can offer detailed explanations and solutions. Try out our enhanced file sharing today and you’ll soon be used to much faster resolution times. Just remember to have customer support documents on hand and ready to send before offering to send them to customers!

 Live Chat File Sharing


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