Live Chat en más de 30 idiomas

With customers from more than 120 countries, ClickDesk is truly international and is growing at a rapid pace. We care your business and want to make sure that you get the most of ClickDesk. Customization of ClickDesk live chat window is possible in any language of your choice.

Chat in Local Language


Why should I customize the text in local language?

Do you get most of your visitors from your local region and speak your language? If your website is not in English, isn’t it nice to have the live chat window too in the same language.

Every sale or customer happiness happens by personalizing the live chat experience on your website. Using a local language in which your visitors are most comfortable with to “initiate a chat”, is the best possible way to increase conversions.


How to customize the live chat window text?

Login to your ClickDesk dashboard and navigate to Live Chat and click on Form Localization tab. Replace the default text with your message in the language of your choice. We support all major languages. Saved changes reflect immediately on the chat window of your website. You can compare our plans here.


Pro tip:

Create a proactive live chat message with custom text based on the country of the visitor. Delight your visitor with a welcome message in local language.