Links in Emails of Chat Transcripts

Chat transcripts help admins keep tabs on agent performance and let agents keep track of what’s been discussed with customers and leads, all with the goal of improving customer happiness. A favorite customer feature of our live chat app is chat transcript automation — not only are chat transcripts created automatically from chat sessions and stored in the ClickDesk app, but they’re also automatically emailed to ClickDesk admins as soon as chats end. Now those emails include direct links to the transcripts in the admin dashboard.

Chat Transcript Automation Link from Emails

The new feature is automatic. Just click on the icon next to “Messages” in your chat transcript emails and a new window will open up with the chat transcript in your ClickDesk dashboard.

Chat Transcript Details in the Dashboard

From the chat transcript details page, you can click-through for more agent details, visitor details, referring URL, and more. Remember that you can also now view chat transcripts from just the last 24 hours and filter transcripts by chat type, duration, country and more. To find your archived chat transcripts, go to Live Chat > Reports > Chat Transcripts.

And if you’re using CRM or helpdesk integrations with apps like Zendesk, Help Scout, Infusionsoft and Agile CRM, don’t forget that chat transcripts can be instantly pulled into these apps, automatically or with the /ticket command (see individual integration pages for more info).

It can be tempting to browse over transcripts quickly as your business grows, but we recommend taking the time to read over every transcript. After all, live chat is the face of your business, whether or not you’re using actual video chat :)



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