Let the live chat work at your command

The problem

1. “I’m logged into Skype on my phone and I do NOT want to receive live chats from my website visitors” – Josh

2. “When I automatically go to “idle” status on my Google talk, ClickDesk shows me as offline on the website. How can I prevent this?” – Sarah

3. “I’m always available on my IM, but would like to control when to appear online on the website” – Peter

Live chat troubleshoot

Earlier solution

We managed to control the online/offline status of ClickDesk chat window on your website by recognizing your availability status on Google talk or Skype. But more often than not, the status changes to “idle/away” on your IM without any intervention.

New Improved solution

Now we made /online and /offline commands active for our users.

In your IM, you can send /offline to any of our bots in your contact list (livechat1 through livechat5 in Gtalk or ClickDesk1 through ClickDesk5 in Skype) to turn ClickDesk chat window offline on your website though you are logged into your IM. You get a confirmation response upon sending this shortcut.

Success: You are now offline and will not receive any chats from your website visitors. To start receiving chats again, send /online.

Note that relogging back to the IM wouldn’t make you online. You need to explicitly send /online again to instantly appear online on your website.

Webchat gets the first preference in detecting your status. So, if you are logged into your Agent panel and are online, all new chats from your website are sent here and you do not receive any alerts on your IM.

We are on a feature rollout spree for ClickDesk – New dashboard, web chat, amazing themes, reports, agent levels, alerts and many more. If you have any feedback for us, please write to support@clickdesk.com

PS: Enter online or offline if you are using Skype.