Keyboard Shortcuts in Forced Chats

Online sales and helpdesk agents love ClickDesk’s chat shortcuts because they make every agent’s job quicker and easier. Shortcuts save time and increase effectiveness, especially for agents handling multiple chats at once. We’re happy to be extending the shortcuts feature to work in forced chats in addition to standard chats. Forced chats are those initiated by an agent directly from the map view or list view. To start a forced chat, just click on the Initiate Chat button.


Once you’ve initiated a forced chat and are chatting with an online visitor, you are now able to use ClickDesk chat shortcuts to perform actions or send pre-written messages. In the forced chat window, type a forward slash to view all the shortcuts. Matching shortcut suggestions will pop up as you begin to type a shortcut command. This makes it easy to select the right shortcut/message in a matter of seconds.


While chat shortcuts are a feature available in all ClickDesk accounts, including free accounts, we are only able to make forced chats available in paid plans. Ready to upgrade? Don’t wait any longer!