Introducing Visitor Screenshots

ClickDesk has the industry’s most impressive array of live-chat functionality, from video to text, but sometimes nothing is more useful to resolving a customer issue quickly and precisely than seeing their actual screen, the way they see it. Our new screenshot function lets agents do exactly that, with the click of a button. When agents push the “Get Screenshot” button, they receive a screenshot of the visitor’s current browser window.


Visitors ScreenShot

Of course, there’s no need to take a screenshot if a conversation is already progressing well toward the desired conclusion or conversion. But if the visitor is confused or saying that they don’t see what should be there on their screen – especially if they’re asking the same question twice or perhaps more – this is the perfect time to take a screenshot!


How to take a screenshot of a visitor’s screen from the Agent Panel

1. First, ask the user to open the browser window showing their issue or question

2. Next, open Map View and click on the visitor to see the Visitor Details

3. Click the “Get Screenshot” button

4. Voila! You now have a screenshot of the visitor’s current browser window

Note: The Get Screenshot function currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and Opera browsers. If a visitor is using an incompatible browser, such as an older version of IE, you’ll receive a message that the browser is incompatible.

Here’s a screenshot we took with a visitor chatting on our pricing page. As you can see, you get a complete snap-shot of the visitor’s screen.

Visitors Snap Shot


If you have any questions, please comment here or come chat with us on our website.

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