Introducing the Agent Performance Report

ClickDesk’s live chat and helpdesk analytics are the best in the industry. Why? Because our metrics and reports are designed to help you make better business decisions. The second in a big new batch of awesome reporting features, Agent Performance Reports give you actionable insights into agent performance across the board. With this customizable new feature, you can see what’s working and adjust what isn’t. How fast are agents responding to chats? Are agents who chat for a longer duration helping or hurting your bottom line? Don’t just guess how your agents are doing – analyze their performance and work together to improve customer success.


You’ll find the new Agent Performance Board in the ‘Advanced Reports’ tab on the ‘Reports & Spy’ page in your ClickDesk admin panel. While the ‘Spy’ tab lets you see what agents are doing in real time, the ‘Advanced Reports’ tab gives you insights into agent performance over time. The new report offers stats on number of chats undertaken, chats completed, average first response time, average response time and average chat duration.


As with all of our advanced reports, you can filter by agent, department or date range using the drop-down menus on the upper right.


We hope you find this new report useful. Any suggestions? Just drop us a line.

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