Introducing Post-Chat Surveys

Ready to take customer engagement to a whole new level? In addition to multi-channel chats and awesome analytics, ClickDesk has now added a feedback loop to visitor communications. You web visitors can now have the option to complete brief surveys following chat sessions. You can customize the survey forms any way you’d like, then have the answers automatically emailed to your agents or admins. Post-chat survey popups improve customer satisfaction while at the same time helping to improve your business.


How to Set Up Post-Chat Surveys

To set up a post-chat survey to be displayed to your web visitors following online support sessions, log in to your ClickDesk admin dashboard, then go to Live Chat > Forms & Localization > Post Chat Survey. Here’s a direct link to the screen:


Now you can create a customized post-chat survey. You can create up to five questions, and questions can be one of four types:

  • Text Field: For one line of text (name, location, etc.)
  • Text Area: For more than one line of text (comments, descriptions)
  • Radio: For options where only one answer can be selected (eg. Yes/No questions)
  • Checkbox: For options where multiple answers can be selected. Users can select any number of the provided boxes (areas of interest, categories)

Select “Yes” to enable the surveys for all forthcoming chat sessions. Before saving the survey, it’s up to you to decide which questions are mandatory, and whether or not to email admins, agents, or both, with the gathered feedback. Completed chat surveys will be emailed as requested, as soon as they are completed. Here’s a sample email report:


Thanks for using ClickDesk to improve customer happiness. Don’t have a live chat account yet? Sign up today.