Introducing Automatic Chat Queuing

Even large customer support teams are sometimes overwhelmed during peak hours. To help chat teams of every size manage large numbers of voice, video and text chats more gracefully, ClicDesk’s new queuing functionality is here to save the day. No matter how many agents you have, and no matter how many web visitors they’re handling at once, the new automatic chat queuing feature ensures that every web visitor receives the attention they deserve. That way you don’t miss out on essential customer communications and sales, and customers are kept in the loop.


Like so many ClickDesk features, queuing is all about customer engagement. We support lean teams and agile development, and we know that it’s not always financially viable or efficient to hire additional agents during busy hours or the holiday rush. Our seamless solution to this issue makes handling multiple chats and chat requests as easy as can be. With the new queuing feature, visitor chats are automatically added to the queue when all of your logged-in agents are busy and/or have exceeded their maximum number of active chats.

With the queuing feature, your agents can each now handle up to 15 simultaneous chats (5 active chats + 10 queued chats). When a web visitor is added to the queue, the system informs them about how many other visitors are waiting in line before them. They then have the option either to wait until an agent becomes available, or to simply exit the queue. However, agents can see queued chats from the ‘Queued Chats’ tab, and can choose to make a queued chat active using the ‘Make as Active’ button; when a queued chat is made active, it disappears from the ‘Queued Chats’ tab and show up under ‘Incoming Chats’. In this way, agents can handle up to 10 queued chats and 5 active chats at the same time.

How to Configure System Messages for Chat Queuing

You can change the system messages for queued visitors from the ‘Forms & Localization’ tab in the admin panel (Live Chat -> Forms & Localization -> System Messages). This is the direct link:

Change Systems Messages Sent to Queued Web Visitors

Note that queued visitors have the option to send an offline message while they are queued. The ‘Offline Message Label’ content describes this option to queued visitors.

Offline Message Label

Queuing is currently available in Enterprise accounts (per agent plans) and in Growing Business and Enterprise team plans. Ready to upgrade your ClickDesk account? Check out our highly competitive live chat pricing for more info on our industry-leading features such as chat queuing, forwarding, transfer and groups.