Integrating ClickDesk with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful platform for keeping track of website analytics. We’re excited to announce our new Google Analytics chat integration, giving ClickDesk users instant access to sophisticated chat statistics from their GA dashboard. With a few simple settings, you can get clear answers to questions like ‘How exactly is Live Chat helping my company?’, ‘Where can it be improved?’, and ‘Which operator has the best conversion rate?’


If you’re using Google Analytics for your website, we automatically detect your unique id and report events to your GA dashboard.

Viewing ClickDesk Reports in Google Analytics

To access ClickDesk Reports in GA, go the the ‘Behavior’ menu on the left side of your dashboard. Choose the ‘Events’ category, then ‘Top Events’.


Select ‘ClickDesk LiveChat’ to view the list of events automatically tracked by ClickDesk.


For example, the ‘Agent Conversations’ event lets you see the actual number of conversations for each operator. You can also keep track of conversations with a particular agent by clicking on their name.



What Do All These Events Mean?

Proactive Message Triggered: The number of times a proactive rule was triggered on your website. You can find out the effectiveness of proactive chats by comparing the number of chats vs. number of triggers.

 Agent Conversations: The number of conversations that each of your agents has had with your web visitors.

Chat Bubble Clicked: The number of interactions with your chat widget on your website.

Pre-chat Form Submitted: The number of chats initiated after completing the pre-chat form. You can use this to determine if you want to make more (or less) fields mandatory.

HelpDesk, Facebook, Twitter Clicked: An easy metric to determine how users are interacting with you using various social media and help desk channels.

Setting Up Custom Segments in Google Analytics

Our pre-programmed event analytics are just the starting point. Let’s look at how to set up custom segments for unique analysis of your chat visitors. Custom segments help you to understand how ClickDesk affects your bottom line and compare the actions of chat visitors with those of normal website visitors (those who don’t engage in a web chat).

To set up custom segments in GA, click on ‘Add Segment’ on the upper right and choose ‘Create New Segment’.


 Next, add a segment with ‘ClickDesk Conversion Visitors’ and select an Event Action containing ‘Agent Conversations’.


Custom analytics now let you compare goal conversion rates, figure out which pages get the most chat traffic, view and compare the top countries that are sending you chat traffic, and more.


ClickDesk Conversation Visitors convert better!


If you have any questions about ClickDesk and Google Analytics chat, please feel free to contact us at Please note the Google Analytics chat integration is available on select ClickDesk plans only.

UPDATE (4/15): The integration now also works with Universal Analytics/Google Tag Manager (GTM).