Integrate ClickDesk with your apps using the new REST API

APIs are great. As developers, we love them for the ease to connect with the applications we use every day. Lot of our partners have been asking us to release ClickDesk API for a deeper integration with their existing websites and applications.

Here are some ideas to implement our live chat API:

Live chat api

1. Get all the past chat history of your customers with the email id you have right within your applications.

2. Show your customers their recent help desk tickets and the status within your dashboard.

3. Pre-fill the data in the live chat form based on the visitor type using our javascript API.

The possibilities are endless.

Access ClickDesk’s RESTful API and Javascript API here.

Tell us how you improved your customer experience or delighted your customers using our live chat API and we will feature you on our website. Write to if you have any questions.