Increase Holiday Sales with ClickDesk Live Chat

The holiday season has already kicked off with some mind boggling sales numbers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the coming weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s; we will again see buyers ready to splash to cash. So here’s how can you cash in on the Holiday season and make more sales through live chat.

Add Colors, Add Life

Businesses always try to keep the chat bar consistent with the website color scheme; why not get more adventurous during the holidays? This is your perfect chance to experiment with some bright colors, adding more life to your website. You could also choose a different theme from the various themes available and break the monotony.

Live Chat Themes

 Proactive chats

Proactive chats offer an excellent avenue to engage customers, inviting them to chat. During the holidays, there are different ways you can use proactive chats to great effect.

Keeping with the upbeat mood of the season, you can have light-hearted messages to start off a conversation.

The other way to show your love is to directly include coupons as a part of you pro active popups, so your customers can right away make full use of your holiday promotions.

Holiday Sales

 Offline Messages

Often, when you’re offline – there is a chance that you might lose out on some prospective customers, but not during the holidays. This is no season to be slack. Use innovative messaging to make sure that visitors leave their name and email.

“Happy Holidays! We’re having 25% off on all goods, please leave your name and email; we’ll send you a special coupon”

General Awesomeness

Your customer service rock stars are the face of your business; keep them happy and see your sales skyrocket.

During the season, the mood in workplaces is often cheerful and euphoric – all you need to do is transfer some of that positive energy to your customers. Make sure that the energy reflects in the way you greet you customers and not letting them go till they’re happy.

Try out these tweaks and tell us if they made a difference to your Holiday sales. If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.