Improved Live Chat Interface in Agent Panel

We’re always striving to improve the agent experience here at ClickDesk. Agent happiness equals customer happiness, and we’re excited to announce the launch of an improved live chat interface for the agent dashboard. With the enhanced look, feel and usability of the live chat interface, providing live support to your web visitors is now as easy and visually appealing as texting with friends and colleagues, with the added benefit of real-time visitor information.


UI design is a complicated business. You always want to find that perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. The new live support interface makes better use of avatars, chat bubbles and real-time analytics, with a clickable ‘Incoming Chats’ list in the left column and everything else you need, from visitor location to referring URL, on the right. You can also now add leads and notes directly from buttons on the lower right.

If you’re taking advantage of our free voice and video chat for your web visitors, your agents will also see voice and video icons in the upper right of the middle column, as in the image below.



Let’s look at ClickDesk’s UI improvements, section by section.

  • Incoming Chats (left column): Sometimes agents have a consistent stream of incoming chats, sometimes there’s a long lull followed by a ridiculously large burst of chat traffic. Either way, the agent dashboard now features a greatly improved ‘Incoming Chats’ column, designed for simplicity and ease of use. With even spacing, unique visitor icons, balanced white space and an easy scrolling mechanism, the new ‘Incoming Chats’ column keeps incoming chats organized for your agents so they can get back to doing what they do best: offering the friendliest and most effective live support on the planet!
  • Chat Window (middle section): This is where the magic happens. We’ve streamlined the Chat Window interface to help agents stay focused on a particular chat. Visitor messages appear in white bubbles, justified to the left. Agent messages appear in white bubbles, justified to the right. And system messages appear against a grey background. Plus, to make it easier than ever to convert text-based chats into dynamic voice calls or video chats, voice and video icons now appear in the upper right of the chat window, next to the  green ‘Close Chat’ box. Just click on the appropriate icon to convert the chat to voice or video. (Is video chat a good idea? Yes!)Note that all of the live chat functionality you love is still here. To share documents, invite other agents to join a group chat, use emoticons, and more, just click the icons below the ‘Type a message’ box at the bottom of the chat window.
  • Visitor Data and Customer History (right column): In addition to the customer info automatically generated by the system in the chat window, you will now automatically see customer history, including transcripts of previous chats with the customer, in the lower right, below the ‘lead’ and ‘note’ buttons. The right column also includes available visitor info, such as browser, geographic location and referring URL. If you want to edit a visitor’s info, or if you want to block them, just click on the relevant buttons on the upper right.


You’ll also notice that we’ve streamlined the overall agent panel by consolidating options into the drop-down menu below the agent info on the upper right, and by revising the three icons in the center of the top menu bar, each of which represents an essential live support function: live chats, helpdesk ticketing, and the real-time visitor map.

Old live chat and helpdesk menu icons:


New menu icons:


How do you get the new live chat UI to appear in the agent dashboard? Don’t worry, it’s automatic! Just log in to your agent dashboard today and you’ll automatically be updated to the new interface. That’s the benefit of cloud-based computing.

Questions or comments about the live chat interface or other live support features? Leave a comment here or shoot us an email. Don’t have a ClickDesk account yet? Sign up today.

PS. Interested in interface design trends around the world? Pinterest is a great place to start.