Idle Time Alerts for Agents

If you’ve already signed up for ClickDesk, you understand that seeing visitors in real time is the key to identifying – and converting – new leads. It can be very exciting when agents start chatting with lots of web visitors, but don’t forget: Once those visitors are engaged in a chat, it is extremely important that agents respond to them in a timely manner! As agents often end up on multiple chats simultaneously, they risk customers feeling neglected or wondering where the agent has gone. That’s why we’ve introduced Idle Time Alerts in ClickDesk. Agents can now easily set up timed alerts which let them know when an ongoing chat has been idle for 45, 60 or 90 seconds (it’s up to you). This way you can ping customers at the right time to keep them engaged and let them know that you are working on their queries.

Idle time alert

Of course, agents aren’t necessarily being neglectful when they don’t answer a chat immediately – for example, a common situation is that agents end up looking into complicated support questions and lose track of time – but customers don’t know what you’re doing unless you tell them! Checking in regularly will greatly increase your chances of turning a random visitor into a warm lead, or an occasional customer into a devoted one. It will also dramatically increase your customer satisfaction, which in turn can lead to more sales, more conversions and happier customers.

To set up an Idle Time Alert, just go to Settings, then select the appropriate time under Idle Time Warning. If a chat goes idle for the specified time, an alert will blink by the visitor in the Active Chat Sessions sidebar.

chat time alert


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