Transfer a chat, block a user, view history or add a shortcut

ClickDesk live chat service comes with few exciting features. One such is the pre-canned messages or the custom shortcuts that the admin or operator can setup from the dashboard. This saves time for the operator by setting up mostly used sentences and customary greetings as pre-canned messages.

Some of the built-in shortcuts that are available for all the users are:

/block Blocks the visitors from further initiating new chats. Proactive chats will also be disabled.
/bye Disconnects the chat visitor.
/history Retrieves the previous chats for this visitor.
/help Sends the list of available commands.
/email Sends the visitor entered email id.
/name Sends the visitor entered name.
/info Sends the visitor information such as IP address, present page and browser information
/transfer Transfer %nickname% transfers the chat to a different available agent.


Operator can use these shortcuts by entering them directly on the IM during live chat with the website visitors.

For example, to transfer a chat to another operator with nickname John, entering /transfer John if you are using Gtalk or transfer John if you are in Skype shall transfer the existing live chat to John.

How to add shortcuts

1. Login to your ClickDesk dashboard

2. Navigate to preferences -> shortcuts

3. Add a pre-canned shortcut and a message

Add shortcuts