How to Link the ClickDesk Chat Bar to Custom Images?

A lot of you have been wanting to link the ClickDesk chat bar to custom images on your website, so when visitors click on the image, the chat box pops up.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to accomplish it.

First up, login to your ClickDesk account from

Use this URL to get to the page, where you can upload/choose an image.

Upload Custom Image

You can either choose a custom image to be consistent with your website or you can opt to use our default offline/online images.

Upload your images and click on ‘Update’

Once you’re done, click on ‘Departments’ from the Dashboard menu bar and then click on ‘Get your code’

Get your code

On the page where the code is displayed, click on ‘advanced options’’ just below.

Copy and paste the below code

Now copy this code and paste it in your Website HTML page. Choose a specific part of the website where you would like the image to appear and place the code correspondingly.

online offline image code

Refresh the page and you’re all set!