How to get your customers to evangelize for your business?

Evangelists are people who carry good news around. These act as free preachers for your business, are hard core fans for your brand and advocate it.To be successful and to reach out to more customers, you need to have a great product and build up customer evangelists. They save lot of marketing expenditure and time for your brand promotion. In times of hardships, these are the real people who stand with you and inspire you, not matter what. Rarely do people establish a ‘love’ towards a product and once it is achieved, they convert to long term loyal fans and evangelists for your business.Here are few tips to get customer evangelists for your business:1. Build a Great product
There’s no short cut to this. Unless you offer an AWESOME product to offer to your visitors/customers, it is not possible to gain fans and evangelists for your product. People should love your product right from the first use.2. Believe in your product. Preach it!
Tell how great is your product. Let people know what makes it different from the rest of the lot. Challenge the competition!3. Engage with your fans
Ask for the feedback. Learn the features which they love, use it for that one single cause and note the things that need improvement in the next releases.
Make them feel special. Make them part of something. Be it in the monthly newsletter, testimonial on the site, user review or and ad!4. Run contests and reward them
People love freebies. Giveaway a coupon code exclusively for the existing customers, let them tweet and share in social media about their happiness and the giveaway contest. It is great to invite few of your product fans for a launch party or give them discount coupons or special beta invites for your next product.5. Build a user community
Create a forum where people can exchange ideas, thoughts, feedback and feature suggestions for your product. Forums are great place where users can interact with each other and gain support even under your absence.
Though it takes some good investment of time to build an engaging community of loyal users and fan base, it is worth the effort.