How to get started with ClickDesk's new Helpdesk?

It’s been a month now since the launch of our Help Desk feature; we’ve been receiving some excellent responses – a big thank you to all for that. Keep sending us your feedback, we always love hearing from you.

For customers who are yet to set up your Helpdesks – you’re missing out on a whole lot of action, so here we are to walk you through the process, one step at a time.

Login to your ClickDesk account and and click on Need a Help Desk? link in the footer.

Get started with Help Desk

ClickDesk’s new Helpdesk?
You will be directed to this page containing information about what a help desk is and how it works etc. Read through the page and if you’re ready to take the plunge – click on I’d Love this – Get me in
You will now be directed to the page – GET STARTED IN 4 EASY STEPS

Step 1 – Add Operator
Input all details such as Full name, Nick Name, e-mail address, IM ( Gtalk) and make sure to tick this above illustrated option, if you choose to provide this operator help desk access.

clickdesk add operator


Clickdesk enable help desk

Step 2 – Add Department
Create a new department (sales, support etc) and assign operators. You can create multiple departments and choose operators to be assigned to each department. An operator can be in multiple departments.

On the same page, click on the option “Configure Email” under helpdesk to get your department’s unique email address. Read through details under “Instructions to setup email forwarding” to learn more about how to redirect support emails that you currently receive through another e-mail address.

clickdesk add department

Step 3 – Copy Code to your site
Existing users who currently use ClickDesk chat on their websites can skip this step.
New users, once you’re done adding Departments, click on the option “Get your code” to get your custom code. Copy & paste the code on your website pages just before tag to add the live chat interface to your website.

Clickdesk add chat code

Step 4 – Configure your Domain Name
Click on “Help Desk” option from the control panel to access the Helpdesk settings page. Choose your own domain name (For e.g. This is the URL your operators will use to access the helpdesk system online. This is unique to your company and cannot be changed.

Clickdesk configure email

At the end of this step, you’re ready to receive your offline messages, support e-mails as tickets in a single interface.
We hope this post was useful in getting you started with our new help desk feature, if you need more information; you’re always welcome to chat with us anytime through our website –

Happy to help!