How to Create Your Own Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a popular feature in ClickDesk and we know that your live chat & helpdesk agents have come to rely on them to send pre-written answers and perform actions such as lead capture and screen sharing. This is especially useful as your business scales and agents might sometimes have a ton of chat traffic at once. To make your job easier, we recently added the ability to use keyboard shortcuts in forced chats in ClickDesk, and now we’re excited to announce that agents can create their own shortcuts!

Agent Shortcuts for Live Chat and Helpdesk Automation

How to Create an Agent Shortcut

In addition to admin and system shortcuts, agents can now create their own shortcuts directly from the agent dashboard. To create a shortcut you’ll need to set the shortcut command and message contents. Login to the agent panel and select “Agent Settings” from the profile drop-down on the upper right, then click on the “Shortcuts” tab. From this tab, you can create new shortcuts and view and edit current shortcuts.

Some things to note about agent shortcuts

  • Agent shortcuts are only for pre-written (“canned”) messages. System, admin and integration shortcuts (like shortcuts used for our integration for screen sharing during live chat, shortcuts for our iContact email marketing live chat integration, etc.) are still controlled from the admin panel.
  • Don’t stick only to shortcuts. Used sparingly, shortcuts are immensely effective, but don’t over-use them. It can be very helpful to use shortcut messaging for initial engagement and welcome messages, or to explain a technical feature or pricing scheme, but remember to read visitor messages carefully to make sure you’re answering their specific questions.
  • Although we discontinued Skype support, some ClickDesk customers still use Skype IM for live chats. If you’re using Skype, use a back slash, rather than a forward slash, for your shortcuts (eg. use “\hi” instead of “/hi”).

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