How to Convert Customers into Brand Advocates

Whether you’re establishing the online side of your business for the first time or in the process of setting bigger and bigger goals, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for turning customers into brand advocates. Yet research shows that every brand advocate leads to three new leads. As a combined live chat and helpdesk app, ClickDesk offers countless different combinations of live support, offline helpdesk ticketing, email exchange, video chat, calls and screen sharing to increase sales and conversions and solve customer issues. Whatever the size or nature of your business, our customizable live chat software can help you convert customers into brand advocates, starting today!

Happy Customers

As we reach the next stage of growth ourselves here at ClickDesk, we’ve been thinking about the best ways to reach beyond app and plugin reviews to encourage wider brand advocacy. In addition to reviewing our internal practices, we’ve been chatting with our most successful customers about their secrets to promoting brand advocacy. Some things kept coming up again and again, and we’re excited to share them with you today.

Make the Unhappy Customer Happy

Never miss an opportunity to increase customer happiness. Coach your live chat agents to think of things in reverse: customers with issues or new leads and web visitors with questions are actually the best for converting into happy customers. First comes loyalty, then comes brand advocacy. The typical sales and promotion funnel makes this clear, and it works for basically any type of company. Focusing on customer happiness means that you get the right kind of brand advocates, every time.Turn Customers into Brand Advocates Sales Funnel

Make the Happy Customer Happier

Many experts emphasize the importance of rewarding your customers in order to encourage brand loyalty and organic advocacy for your product or services. Rewards that relate directly to your product or services — for example, free or discounted upgrades — are especially useful because they demonstrate your trust in your own product. Plus, once customers get a sense for your product or service’s ultimate functionality, they are more likely to spread the word. Like when customers upgrade to a Pro plan in ClickDesk and get access to our advanced reporting tools, guess what? They never look back!

Brand Advocates Statistics on Getting More Business for Free

This applies to your own employees and team members, too. Agent happiness will naturally translate into brand advocacy and workplace happiness is contagious.

Put the “Help” Back in HelpDesk

It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to simply use a helpdesk to resolve issues, closing tickets and moving on to the next situation, when what really creates loyalty and, eventually, advocacy for your brand, is following up in a way that’s helpful. Even if you’re using marketing automation for onboarding and retention, send yourself a reminder (or set up reminders for your agents) to follow up with a customer whose ticket has been closed a few days or a week later, just to make sure everything is working right.

You can also set chat triggers and proactive rules for automatic engagement. And when you do engage new leads thanks to smart automation, whether offline or online, always ask if they have any more questions.

Triggers for Live Chat Widget Popups

Don’t delay. Take action today and start your customers to become happy product evangelists and brand advocates. And remember that the customer isn’t just always right, they’re also always chatting!