How to add Live Chat widget to your Wix website ?

Wix is a powerful drag and drop website builder to create professional websites at no cost. With Wix, both static and beautiful looking flash websites can be created with zero programming language. This blog post details about the steps to add ClickDesk’s wix live chat widget to Wix powered websites.

Wix Chat Plugin Setup

1. Signup and login at ClickDesk

2. Create an operator and Verify the IM

3. Create a department and get your code

4. Login to your wix website and Edit

5. From leftside dock, select Add -> Widgets -> HTML -> Blank HTML

6. Select the “settings” for the HTML widget located at the extreme right end.

7. Paste the code and click on OK. Drag this HTML widget fully horizontal and vertical to half of the page. Push it backwards so that it doesn’t restrict you from editing the rest of the content of your website.

You are now ready to receive live chats and VoIP calls from your Wix website to your IM (Google talk or Skype) directly. Setting up this Wix live chat widget on Wix is easy and requires you to carefully drag the HTML widget. You may have to try few times dragging the widget to exactly make the live chat fit as per your website template.