How Live Chat can Boost Your Social Profile

The importance of social media for small business owners cannot be denied. In an online competitive world where businesses are breaking their budget on marketing and customer service tools, social media steps into fill this need nicely. It offers a unique, wide-spread reach at a cost that won’t break the bank. And it helps fills the customer service niche by letting you communicate with your customers prior to and during a transaction.

When combined with live chat,  social media can act as a highly effective tool to help sales conversion, turning prospects into customers, by anticipating and meeting their needs successfully.

Live Chat Social Integration

Some of the more popular social networking sites today include twitter, facebook, and linked. These allow businesses to create profiles and pages where they can advertise their products and services to their targeted audience.

Here are two main reasons why social media is a must for any business:

It allows you to post in real-time. Given the fast pace at which business is being conducted online, you cannot afford to be slow or you will be left behind. Social media helps you take care of this, by allowing you to reach your customers in real-time. You can conduct campaigns, post updates, and respond to customer complaints quickly and efficiently. You can also track and analyze results and make the necessary changes within hours of first starting your campaign.

It lets you maintain a level of consistency: Heard that it’s quality, not quantity that counts? This may be true to a certain extent, but it’s equally true that out of sight is out of mind. Your online buyers are bombarded with offers and while customer loyalty plays a large role in most businesses building a stable customer base, it’s important to renew and reward this loyalty by being visible and present in your customer’s radar. You can achieve this high level of consistency via social media.

Thanks to tools like ‘likes’ and ‘twitterlists’, you can further laser-target who you want to contact and stay in touch with. You can also take advantage of facebook pay-per-click to further enhance your company’s advertising.

But the most effective tools are the tools which work cross channels or in combination. So for example,  live chat, which we’ve seen can be an effective tool for a small business owner;gets an even bigger boost when it works with social media integration like facebook and twitter.

Imagine your customers being able to chat with an agent, while at the same time accessing your twitter or facebook accounts to view real-time updates or explained delays or cancellations? The benefits to the customer are multiple as are the benefits to you, the business owner.